“Looking at a map of South America you can hardly see Chile, pencil-thin and clinging to the side of the Continent as the Andes try to bundle her into the vast emptiness of the Pacific Ocean.

But in that short stretch between the Pacific and the Andes Chile possesses virtually every vine growing climate from frostbite cool to Factor 50 heat. And forget the width, feel the length In Europe Chile would stretch from the Sahara to the Arctic Circle. Her vineyards already cover a distance twice that of France from Calais to the Spanish border – and she’s going higher, further south and north, wilder, more uncharted with every single vintage”

Oz Clarke (Three Wine Men)

Wines of Chile will bring together more than 400 of these great wines from over 50 different wineries for you to try. So if you are bored of Bordeaux or neutral about New Zealand and looking for a change, join us at Mercado Chileno. You will be surprised with what Chile has to offer.

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